Ohio Pilot's OVI/DUI Attorney

The aviation industry, and specifically the FAA, is extremely intolerant of an OVI/DUI allegation, let alone an OVI/DUI conviction regardless of whether you were on your own time. Should you be convicted of an OVI/DUI, all of the punishments handed down by the court will be reported to the FAA, including the suspension of your driver’s license, which is cause enough for the FAA to ground you.

While a DUI conviction does not necessarily mean you will lose your pilot’s license, it makes you far less attractive to many of the large commercial airlines. In addition, the mandatory treatment and alcohol counseling that can help you in the criminal system, will work against you when it comes to the FAA because it may cause you to fail your medical examination.

It is imperative that you speak with an attorney who has experience handling OVI/DUI cases involving professional licenses as soon as possible.  Any delay on your part leads you closer to a potential conviction and further from retaining your license. A.C. VanDenBossche has worked tirelessly to protect his clients, some of whom have much more risk than those with just a drivers license. People at higher risk such as pilots or drivers with a CDL need to be especially cautious about representation choice.