Ohio Commercial Drivers License OVI/DUI Attorney

If you are a Commercial driver’s license (CDL) holder in the state of Ohio and are convicted of an OVI/DUI, you face far stricter and severe punishments than a typical driver would. You will not only be punished in the same manner that someone without a CDL would be, but your CDL may also be impacted which could end your professional driving career, even if you were not driving your commercial vehicle at the time of the incident. If you are a CDL holder and have been charged with an OVIO/DUI, you must speak with an experienced CDL OVI/DUI attorney right away.

License Suspensions for CDL Holders

Your CDL will be suspended for 90 days if you are arrested for an OVI/DUI with tests showing that your alcohol levels are above the legal limit. The suspension is mandatory, even if you were not driving your commercial vehicle at the time of the OVI/DUI. If you refuse a blood test, urine test or breath test, your CDL will automatically be suspended for one year and a refusal a second time will result in a lifetime ban of your CDL.  Limited driving privileges may be granted for your noncommercial vehicle, however no privileges will be granted for driving any commercial vehicle while you are under the administrative license suspension (ALS). An experienced OVI/DUI attorney can file paperwork to appeal or stay the ALS to temporarily restore your commercial driving privileges while the case is pending, and should the appeal be granted, the ALS will be terminated and your CDL will be reinstated.

OVI/DUI Conviction for CDL Holders

If a Commercial Driver License holder is convicted of an OVI/DUI they face an automatic one year suspension of their CDL. Should a CDL driver be convicted of a second OVI/DUI they are banned from having a CDL for life, regardless of whether they were driving their personal vehicle or a commercial vehicle.