Criminal Defense

The criminal defense practice of A.C. VanDenBossche defends clients accused of Operating a Vehicle Impaired (OVI) and clients facing drug charges. We have defended business owners and employees, pilots, CDL drivers and those who travel internationally for business.
A.C VanDenBosche fights on behalf of clients charged with OVI or other drug related cases to ensure their case is handled in a way that will not have a negative impact on their career. Unfortunately, for people accused of these crimes there is not only the issue of determining how to best handle the criminal allegations, but if the accused is a professional such as a stock broker, lawyer, pilot, doctor or CDL driver, a plan must be implemented immediately to preserve the career, license, integrity, and ability to provide for that person's family. An experienced white collar crime defense attorney is needed to not only fight the criminal matter, but do whatever is possible to make sure the court does not attempt to suspend or restrict your professional license. In addition to protecting your professional license, the ability to travel beyond the borders of the United States can be severely restricted should you be convicted of a crime.  With the proper representation, you may be able to avoid these types of travel restrictions.
While some offenses do not require a jail sentence, some crimes can result in imprisonment and significant fines. Regardless of the potential sentence if convicted, it is absolutely imperative to negotiate a proper disposition quickly, the longer these types of cases progress without taking affirmative steps to deal with the case, the prosecution spends more time and money investigating the case, and they may become less likely to be agreeable to negotiations. In fact, a defendant or target of an investigation may have a legitimate defense that needs to be presented to law enforcement. Waiting to do so may damage your ability to obtain a proper disposition, deal or dismissal in the future.