Civil Litigation

Success in the defense of litigation against watercraft dealerships requires an experienced attorney who is familiar with these types of cases and who understands the complicated nature of the contracts and financial institutions involved in high end boat sales. A.C. VanDenBossche has over a decade of experience representing watercraft dealers in contract, product delivery and financing disputes involving multimillion dollar boats.

Due to the complex nature of litigating dealership disputes, it is imperative to involve an attorney as soon as possible. Delay in resolving the dispute could result in enormous attorney’s fees being generated by the adversarial party, which may ultimately be paid by the watercraft dealer. Sometimes, the actual damages suffered in these cases are dwarfed by the attorney’s fees generated by the plaintiff. This can be even made even more damaging as many dealerships do not have specific insurance for this type of lawsuit, and ends up paying these fees out of their own pocket.

It can be a difficult balancing act for a dealership to handle the obligations they have to their customers, the watercraft manufacturer and financial companies. The legal needs of a watercraft dealership are unique and require counsel who understands the complexities of their business practices. When unfounded claims of misrepresentation, unfair business practices or fraud come up, it is important to have an advocate fight for your rights.

A.C. VanDenBossche has worked closely with many watercraft dealerships and has the knowledge and expertise to help guide your dealership through this difficult time.